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From private label to private brand
Superunie – g’woon
Eating, drinking, cooking and shopping all play an important part in our everyday lives. Supermarkets are central to these daily activities. And it’s exactly at those supermarkets that some brands are fighting for their mere existence. On behalf of 13 retail organizations Superunie decided to turn three private labels into one new brand. A brand that is flexible enough to fit various formulas and dozens of categories. A brand that has the potential to innovate, while remaining credible across various assortments. A brand that you can find and recognize anywhere in the Netherlands. A brand that offers small moments of joy that ultimately result in an overall feeling of happiness that connects us all.
G’woon turns mundane everyday moments into a thing of joy. And it does so with the kind of contagious optimism and pragmatism that is so characteristically Dutch. With bright packaging, striking simplicity, iconic imagery and engaging copy G’woon brings a smile to your face.

The designs break away from tradition and look more like well-designed posters. Because less is still more, the design features fewer claims: less noise results in a more powerful design and ultimately a deeper connection with the consumer.


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