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Our product is
our hero
From private label to private brand

PLUS – Great food is what we love

The supermarket industry in the Netherlands is engaged in a fierce competition. Standing out requires more than simply good pricing and quality products. Brands have to excel in every sense of the word.

The Private Label must be recognizable in the blink of an eye throughout the supermarket. The look and feel follows today’s consumer – always eager to try the latest trends in food. With this innovative design, we could actually tackle the core of the position of Plus as a supermarket brand: Great food is what we love.


Brandnew have come up with an inspiring creative springboard – Our product is our hero. Who doesn’t enjoy great food and dining in the company of others? Let’s face it, we all do. That is why products should be immortalized in a unique way.

Framing sensory experiences enhances the visual identity. The hero comes to life. You can almost smell, feel and taste the product by merely looking at it. The camera is so close to the product that it leaves you mesmerized for a second.

Crispy crackers and satin-smooth detergents, the promise made by the products is preserved in the imagery.

A picture says more than a thousand words. So, in an overwhelming visual concept, the product information requires no more than a modest role. The chosen typography (Mont) is modern and neutral, perfectly complementing the visuals, so nothing is left to the imagination.


The total rollout of the portfolio spans across 2000 products. The impact of the new Private Label is clearly reflected in the total growth of Plus as a Retailer. In 2021, Plus has grown into the third largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands. This means it is safe to conclude that business impact is positively linked to the value of truly distinctive design.

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