Yamamotomaya – Nitro T

Disrupting the
tea-market in LA …
What the froth?

Expect the unexpected


Yamamotoyama – Nitro T

Yamamotoyama, established their tea shop in Tokyo in 1690. Now, the oldest tea company in the world remains family owned and operated, drawing from its rich heritage and vast expertise to provide healthy and deliciously innovative foods. As a new innovation, they developed nitro infused tea. A game changer for the tea category – whereas Nitro coffees have been launched by many.

Don’t judge a book by its cover

We started with tasting the actual product, and immediately got blown away by it. We started developing the underlying Brand Strategy, circling around the Brand Spririt: What the froth?
Bold, daring, cheeky and most of all unexpected!

The Brand Name Nitro-T, was developed as a clear product offer to the consumer, meanwhile claiming the category. The stand-alone Brand Logo has a transparant quality adapting itself to the bold colourful world of the brand. The little bubbles at the T mark the nitrogen effect. The logo on pack has an elevated ‘o’ to refer to the nitrogen temperature.

By using a bold logo in combination with the vivid flavors, we created a unique shelf appearance and a memorable design for our consumers. Each pack has a sassy flavor description fitting the brand’s tone of voice. The visual style developed for web and social reflects the tranquility and quality of the product, a unique experience and a true me-moment. Detailed, intense, meaningful and enjoyable. The tagline (and Brand Spirit) ‘What the froth?’ reflects what this drink does for your taste buds. Expect the unexpected. Experiencing a creamy froth on top of a refreshing iced tea.

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