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Developing a living identity for Moon Eye Productions

Moon Eye Productions


Live nation is starting an entire new company focused on creating immersive experiences. Not just simple audiovisual rooms but blockbusters on a global scale As true magicians they needed an inspiring identity themselves as well. We created an dynamic identity which can act as the Catalyst behind the exibitions/experiences as they should take the main stage after all.

An immersive identity

One of the world’s biggest entertainment group Live Nation launches an entire new brand to shake up the marketplace focusing on the global unique immersive experiences. As we are evolving from traditional entertainment into a world of multi-dimensional experiences the audiences of tomorrow is expecting more. Innovations in immersion, sound, interactivity, and virtual reality are quickly evolving. Moon Eye Productions will deliver on it.

A refreshed colour pallet 

In order to refresh and modernise the brand image of Hoshizaki we have reworked the brand colour pallet adding more swatches and grading the already existing tones towards a more authentic and natural range os blues, inspired by nature.


Once the rebranding of Hoshizaki has been completed we started developing a set of communication tools to start spreading out the new image and communicating to dealers and end users the great change that Hoshizaki has gone through and present in a new way it’s range of products and services.