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Evolving the Looye brand

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Looye is a family-owned business that has become one of our most cherished clients. They specialize in growing high-quality, delicious tomatoes that are famous all over the Benelux and Germany. Now in its third generation, the company is poised to enter a new era of growth and success.

To help Looye achieve their ambitious goals, we worked closely with them to develop a comprehensive business roadmap and future perspective. Our strategy workshops helped us identify key challenges such as internationalization, sustainability, and product portfolio & quality control. However, we also recognized that change presents an opportunity to improve and enhance the brand, while always putting people and nature first.

With a positive and optimistic outlook on the world and the market around us, we developed a brand strategy based on the creative idea of ’the future is bright’. This fresh, open, and natural approach begins with a clear mission: to ensure that all generations can enjoy and savor the taste of Looye tomatoes. We believe in the power of the partnership between humans and nature, and we strive every day to be better, brighter, and more sustainable. The new pay off ‘Taste for Tomorrow’ was born.

Our in-house activation program instilled the new corporate values in all Looye employees fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, a driven approach and a magical eye for detail in making it happen togehter. We set ambitious business targets, but also celebrated and embraced these new values together as a team.

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The future is bright.

To reflect our renewed focus and energy, we refreshed the Looye visual identity. The optimistic female leadership touch is evident in the new logo, which always looks forward to tomorrow and sees opportunities everywhere. We also shifted the color set slightly to a more optimistic shade, while introducing a new arch (brand shape) to outline the different product brands. We recognized that the Honing Tomato is their crown jewel, but we wanted brought the Looye brand rmore up front to claim this success.  A first step for a broader portfolio strategy in becoming a true love brand.

The impact of our new identity is already evident at the product level and across other brand carriers. Looye now has an open and smart touch, with a refreshed energy and a clear focus on the future. We’re excited to see what the future holds for Looye and look forward to continuing our partnership as they grow and succeed.


We created the whole identity based on the new set values.
From a basic letterhead and businesscards, all the way through brochures, banners, stand-design and infographics.

Tone of Visual

Looye is eigenzinnig. Als echte ondernemers kiezen we steeds opnieuw ons eigen pad. We doen het anders dan de rest. Looye is empathisch. We zijn sociaal en open en oprecht geïnteresseerd. In de wereld, in elkaar. We doen het samen. We zijn ambitieus en gedreven. Gaan altijd voor weer net even beter.  Looye is toegewijd. We doen alles en bereiken meer, met gepassioneerde aandacht.

The future is bright!

3x Award

Winner Pentawards
ADCN Nomination
Dutch Marketing Award nomination