A halt to devaluation of the brand 

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Jozo – Keep exploring, delve deeper

Salt has lost its meaning. Once crucial for food preservation, and an essential, valuable ‘partner’ in daily life, it has evolved into a low interest food ingredient, which is increasingly banned from our daily meals.

JOZO was and is determined to re-establish the appreciation and value of its salts. It wants to escape the commodity market and become a true value brand (again).


JOZO is able to transform raw, huge brine chuncks intro the purest, whitest, finest salt, served and applied in small quantities.

He is mindful, caring and refined when it comes to quality and educating people about salt.

We source, we mine, we refine, we crystallize, we pack and we educate with close to 90 years of expertise – all aimed at bringing out the best in people, in food and life.

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