Diageo – J&B

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Expect the unexpected

Diageo – J&B

Reinvigorating scotch blend through consumers experimenting with mixes. Already sounds like a difficult start, right? Imagine it comes from a brand that has unorthodox, defying and unconventional in its DNA while being simple (not subtle) at heart. If this wasn’t enough – J&B had a rocking-it-all ambition: take the whisky away from the moody highlands, velvet salons and gentlemen with cigars and ….

make it accessible to everyone.

What do we say to such a challenge?

We say: serves, soldier up!

Forget about tiny, eccentric, smoking and glitter-full garnishes. Forget about sophistication, pastel tones and silver spoons.

Is it a vodka, is it a gin, is it a whisky based cocktail?

Oh wait… who could really tell looking at ever present and always transparent layers of the ice.

And so we’ve mixed, blended and smoothed things up ending up… cooking an approach that was truly worth an unorthodox brand.

How? We transplanted a food culinary DNA

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