PLUS  Feestelijk Plus

Let’s share

the magic

A new look, a new design, a new name.

PLUS – Feestelijk Plus 


Brandnew developed a creative concept right in the consumers heart. Compelling in every sense. Reflecting those special moments of gathering during the holiday season. A sparkling design that’s meant to be rolled out in every kind of communication. Smart and  integrated design. We created unique assets that during the holiday season were launched in every Plus Supermarket. We created a recognizable range of products cross over categories. We excelled in bringing the best food photography and the best possible styling.

Brand Strategy  |  Naming  |  Logo Design  |  Packaging Design |  Food Identity  

The creative idea

Let’s share the magic. The magic of being together. Genuinely close to your love ones. Rather special after a covid period when we were cruelly separated from each other. The sparkling atmosphere of the design helps to really dive into this feeling.

From this year on Plus Supermarket can built on a strong and ownable special brand that helps building a more powerful position whitin the competition.